Board of Directors

MedLife is managed in a unitary system by the Board of Directors ("BD") consisting of 7 members appointed by the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting ("OGSM")for a 4-year mandate, with the possibility to be reelected. The BD is responsible for the management of MedLife, acting in the interest of the company and protecting the general interests of its shareholders, by ensuring a sustainable development of the company. According to the Articles of Association, the BD is responsible for all acts required and useful with a view to accomplish the scope of activity of MedLife, including with regard to the management of subsidiaries of investments of MedLife, except for the duties reserved by law to the GSM

Board of Directors structure

Mihail Marcu (30 September 1970)

Mihail Marcu has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MedLife since August 2006. Mihail Marcu is a graduate of Bucharest University, the Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty in 1995, and has further graduated other post-graduate and advanced training courses delivered by the Romanian Banking Institute, the Open University, DC Gardner training or Codecs, both in Romania, and abroad. Prior to his position as a director of MedLife, Mihail Marcu used to be the chief executive officer of MedLife between January 2004 and August 2006; before that, he held the office of Vice-Chairman of RoBank S.A. (currently, OTP Bank Romania S.A.), being authorised in this capacity by the National Bank of Romania. Earlier, Mihail Marcu held various positions in Credit Bank Romania S.A. and RoBank S.A., including credit inspector, head of credit unit, manager of the credit department, and manager of the corporate department.

Nicolae Marcu (26 October 1968)

Nicolae Marcu has been a member of the Board of Directors of MedLife since December 2016. Nicolae Marcu is a graduate of Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University of Bucharest, Faculty of Medicine (1996), and has been a doctoral student in psychiatry since 2000. Nicolae Marcu graduated a number of postgraduate studies in psychiatry in the country and abroad. Prior to joining the MedLife team, Nicolae Marcu was a specialised physician in psychiatry with "Dr. Al Obregia" Psychiatric Hospital.

Ana Maria Mihăescu

Ana Maria Mihăescu has been appointed interim Board of Directors member since September 2017. In the past 20 years, Ana Maria Mihăescu has led the mission of the International Finance Corporation in Romania, a division of the World Bank and the largest funder of the private sector in emerging countries. Between 2011 and 2016, Ana Maria Mihăescu had a decision-making role as regards the IFC projects in several European countries, including Romania. She previously held top management positions in the banking sector. Since 2016, she has been an independent member of the Raiffeisen Bank Board of Supervisors, with a four-year mandate.

Dimitrie Pelinescu-Onciul (11 August 1947)

Dimitrie Pelinescu-Onciul has been a member of the Board of Directors of MedLife since 2008. He is a graduate of the Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University of Bucharest, Faculty of Medicine (1972), specialising in obstetrics and gynecology (residency 1978-1981), and became Doctor in Medical Sciences in 1994. Dimitrie Pelinescu-Onciul is a member of 11 Romanian scientific societies in Romania and of 7 scientific societies abroad, and held among other the office of President of the Romanian Perinatal Medicine Association (2006-2008). Before joining the MedLife team in 2004, Dimitrie Pelinescu-Onciul used to render work for Filantropia Clinical Hospital of Bucharest (1994-2004), Titan Clinical Hospital of Bucharest (1986-1991), Brâncovenesc Clinical Hospital (1978-1981), and Sinești Rural Hospital, county of Vâlcea (1972-1978), as primary care physician, obstetrics and gynecology, head of clinics or hospital director.

Dorin Preda (3 April 1976)

Dorin Preda has been a member of the Board of Directors of MedLife since 2008. He is a graduate of the Economics Academy of Bucharest, Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchanges (1998). Before joining the MedLife team, Dorin Preda used to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Asilife Insurance Broker S.R.L. (2007-2008), Branch Manager with HVB –Țiriac Bank S.A. (2006-2007), HVB Bank S.A. (2005-2006), Banca Comerciala Ion Țiriac (2004-2005) and Banca Comerciala RoBank S.A. (2003-2004). Similarly, he used to hold the positions of Manager of Loans and Marketing Department of Banca Comerciala RoBank S.A. (2001-2002), credit analyst with the same bank (2000-2001), and Manager of the Loans Department of Banca Dacia Felix S.A. (1999-2000).

Leonard Gherghina (21 February 1964)

Leonard Gherghina has been a member of the Board of Directors of MedLife since 2009. He is a graduate of the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (1998), and of a Master in Business Administration (MBA) programme of McGill University of Montreal, Canada. Before joining the MedLife team, Leonard a used to be a partner for Central Europe with Value4Capital Eastern Europe Holding V Limited (2006-2012), partner for Central Europe with Baring Private Equity Partners (1998-2006), and senior investment officer with the Romanian-American Enterprise Fund (1995-1998).

Ion Nicolae Scorei (22 December 1974)

Ion Nicolae Scorei has been a member of the Board of Directors of MedLife since 2006. He is also an attorney-at-law, member of the Bucharest Bar, and coordinating partner of Scorei și Asociații Law Firm. Ion Nicolae Scorei is a graduated of the Romanian-American University, Faculty of Law (1998).